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I wanna wish a happy bday to a silly Liger i know

Sodders. Happy Bday, you just keep getting younger dont you? haha. Have a good one

Slap Chop Epicness

How ungrateful do you have to be?

When your mom constantly yells at you about the smallest things..

Let me explain, my mom and i ahve constantly been fighting because she thinks i have to move out since im 21. While i do agree i should be out on my own, this is the 2000's and the country is in SHIT. I know people older than me who had to move in with family to get help with bills. PLus, im starting college in a month.

Over the past 2-3 months is the most recent of bitching shes been doing. I bought a BRAND new 32" samsung 1080p hdtv because she complained about her eyesight, and i said, wth, i can get that and enjoysome good highdef. I pay for it, its in my name and on my credit. She has the NERVE to say its staying there when i move and im gonna have to go buy ANOTHER ONE *tires screetch* HOLD ON< im spending 600$ on this so you dont have to and you are making me pay for ANOTHER ONE? HAHAHA see me in court is all i gotta say.

Second, she bitched about cleaning up after myself. My room is id say....maybe 9 by 13? Yeah SMALL. so its clustered and when i obtain more things it gets even more clustered yet she bitches at me likes its the end of the world or if i leave a plate around. Yet she CONSTANTLY leaves dishes upon dishes around my pc, and then yells at me for not doing the dishes. Um, hello, we rotate, thats the deal, i did them last wee, now its your turn, because you wait forever isnt my fault.

I also got her a new Blue-ray player for her bday, 200$!! And payed for both her surgeries on her foot, that send me back about another grand.... I pay all my bills, she pays for the rent, electric, water, etc etc... This is all things she would have to pay for even if i WASNT here.

I think im a pretty damn good son who many parents would kill to have, yet. My mom cant stop finding things to bitch about. She is the most ungrateful woman i know.

Now before you go ranting on me about how she raised me and gave me food and all that other nonsense. I acknowledge that she did it for me, its not easy being a single mother, but i think that shit is too overcooked. Its not an excuse to be a complete asshole to your child and he or she spends what little money they make to make YOUR life happier. Wouldnt you like someone to get you a tv or pay for your foot surgery? yes? thank you ive made my point.

Ever have this feeling?...

Ever have a time where you think about a time or event you did in the past and it jsut completely relaxes you and gives you a sense of utter bliss?

I had one of those today. For some reason i was thinking of Furcadia, because one of my friends was talking how he met his bf through that. Then i got to thinking how i used to play it and the fun i had on there. As i thought about it i remember my second story apt back in louisiana and how i used to have one of the best views over Lake Pontchartrain and how on a cool clear night i could see the stars. I had my computer facing out the window so i could see the sky. It made me so happy wanting to have the feeling again i had the BEST day at work, NOTHING seemed to bother me.

I miss Louisiana so much, but times like that will always remain in my memory.

Damnit!! good feeling song is good

Over the Rainbow by Isreal Kamikawiwo (atleast thats what limewire tells me it is)(its from 50 first dates)

SO anyone else wanna share anything like that? something that just makes everything seems o much better ? hehe

Love Taru

XBL gamertag

Heya folks my gamertag is KataruEpicTiger, ADD ME!!!

i only got the silver membership now but soon ill have gold, after i get a game or two, any ideas?

Long Time No Post

Wow its been forever since i posted here. Meh im bored so ill post something.

I finally got my ass back in school. May 7th i start my classes towards my A.S. in Computer Information Technology (omg im doing what all the other furries doooooo, lawwwwl) Hopefully after that i will be attending UCF for my B.S. in the same field.

Work has been a constant since im going to see my family in louisiana this summer and my social life is near 0.

However, i do wanna send a happy Bday to everyone that i missed over the months. Hope they were amazing bdays.

that is really about it. I am looking foward to megaplex, i think i can make it. Party it up with everyone there. You know i enjoy hanging with peeps.

And thats about it.

Oh i just got a new 360, so after i start school im going to get XBL and some games so we can all kick some ass online!

ill keep ya posted for info about that later


shitty day at work!!

Man today was the worst day EVER....

my grandmother died a couple days ago. She was 88 and her heart just gave out.

She died peacfully with her friends and family around her. I just sat down at home when my mum called me and told me

It was a shock but i morn differntly, i dont cry or scream "why". I understand Death is a aprt of life and i remember all teh fun and happy times wiht the person who passed.

HOWEVER, with the though of the funeral still lingering over my head and the problems my moms been having of her mother( really step mother, but shes been there like..all her life) passing away...its just getting to her.

Today i worked a double and it was busy, i mean CONSTANTLY busy. and ontop of that i got mymanager bitching at me over the headset to get stuff done when im doing other things, or telling me to stop doing things she ASSUMES im doing....well it finally got to me, i just got mad then teared up infront of a cunstomer, and just left to go and stand in the supply closet for a few min.

My manager came in and asked me why i did what i did, and i snapped at her, just in tears cause i couldnt take all the bs i was getting. she understood...surprisingly shes a corporate kiss ass and normally would fire someone). She sent me and break and i drove around on my motorcycle which mellowed me out. after that i pretty much was better. My manager laid off me and customers slowly stopped coming, so i got a good sigh of relief.

I just hope the rest of the weekend isnt like this.

Painted Dog needs your help

Bloodwork is back and it says nothing. They couldn't take any urine from her on Monday, so I have to drive her the 45 minutes back again tomorrow (she loathes the car) to hope she'll have some to take. Then the 45 minutes back home. Hope the urinalysis comes back with SOMETHING. Anything would be nice at this point. Just to KNOW anything would be glorious. On our vets suggestion I already made an appointment for 3:15 on Monday with the pet ophthalmologist.

Decided for sure to do the gift certificates this year to help out with this.
Considering doing a roulette/raffle commission to help out with these vet bills, does anyone have any pointers for doing these?

Yesterday afternoon, she flawlessly reached up to claw a scratching post (black against a tan wall), then scurried through the house, jumped over another cat (white/cream against dark brown carpet), turned the corner in the kitchen and smacked into the trashcan (white against cream tile). I told all this to the vet, along with me blocking the light overhead and her looking up at me, and we really think she can see dim shapes/shadows. We'll know more Monday I guess. At least the ophthalmologist is only a few miles away. I just feel so helpless.

For now, she has giant anime eyes.

This is a direct copy and paste from PaintedDog's LJ she really needs your help guys. We all know what love our pets can bring help her with her pet. Beaker is her family as is our pets

Here is her FA Send her a note for information to help